About Jennifer 

A self taught artist who lives by a beautiful lake in New Jersey. It all started with crayons and a blank white wall ….. My art goes through phases, I may work with pen and ink for a few months then switch to bright acrylics. My latest project involves tearing tiny pieces of paper from National Geographic and making American Flag Art. When I get inspired by a poem, I use calligraphy to recreate it as beautifully as it sounds. My ideas come from what surrounds me in nature. The swirls of raindrops in a lake, a vibrant sky, textures of bark, smells of wild flowers and the feel of grass on bare feet. If I’m not creating artwork, I'm on a hike thinking about a new  project.

Jennifer’s work has been shown at the Saddle River Valley Cultural Center, Upper Saddle River Library, West Milford Library, Lasell College, West Milford Gallery, Kinnelon Library, Amazing Grapes, St Catherine’s and Lakeside Clubhouse. Honorable Mention for American Flag and First Place on a recycling can project to help beautify West Milford. First Place for 'Captured Moments' Photograph at the West Milford Camera Club. First Place for decorating a Bear for the West Milford 175 Year Float Celebration. Second Place at Wallisch Property for Wood Burning. 

 Various Wood Etchings
New favorite art medium.....


                                                             A Secret Kept - Acrylic on Canvas

                   "Remember when you see a man at the top of a mountain, he didn't fall there."  -Anonymous


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