Public Art Projects

Sign for Pinecliff Lake Community  
September 2009
Bear Project
Each school in West Milford received a life size bear to represent the school. I was asked to paint the bear with the theme "Protect our Planet". West Milford just celebrated 175 years and all the decorated bears were in the town parade and now they will be permanently stationed at their respective schools. Won "First Place" in the town parade. This bear is at Upper Greenwood Lake Elementary School.

Back of Bear

July 2008
One day I noticed our  local Q & S shop got a facelift and an  American Flag was painted on the side of the building. There was a large white space next to the Flag so I asked the owner if I could add a patriotic statement there and he said, yes. "Land of the free, because of the brave."

September 2007
Beautify West Milford 
Several artists competed to create an attractive recycling can. We got to suggest the location that we wanted the recycling can to be permanently stationed at. This can is at the "West Milford Teen Center" on Westbrook Road. 

First Prize

Back of Can

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